Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sandvine - New High-End DPI

After a long period without new high-end DPI device announcements, we get one from Sandvine, which generally lags in performance after Allot and Procera, claiming to increase its DPI performance by 50%.

Sandvine announced it has released its "..latest Policy Traffic Switch hardware platform, the PTS 24700 .. supporting traffic classification and policy control on 72-million concurrent flows without compromising throughput of 120Gbps per unit".

Sandvine’s Policy Traffic Switch 24700 technical details:
  • Leading port-density and the most efficient performance-per-rack unit available
  • Carrier-grade reliability including cost-effective n: n+1 redundancy
  • Scalability from 120Gbps per unit ideal for capacity expansion
  • Centralized and simplified policy management including advanced GUI configuration
  • Comprehensive protocol support for wireless networks including IPinIP, GRE, VLAN, MPLS, MobileIP, EoMPLS, 6rd, Teredo, L2TPv2 and GTP tunnels, for accurate traffic classification
  • Best-in-class implementation of 3GPP PCC standards in a best-of-breed product, allowing for easy integration with other network elements
  • Access-agnostic deployment, within LTE, 3G, cable, DSL and converged networks

See "Sandvine Policy Traffic Switch: The Power of Processing" - here.

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  1. why the total clustered throughput doesn't change from PTS24700 to PTS24500? Seems like PTS24700 is a improved 24500 version using higher speed CPUs only, where is the high-end?