Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Procera Enhances DPI OEM Engine with IPv6, GTP and Metadata Extraction

Procera Networks announced a new version of its DPI engine - the OEM product acquired recently from Vineyard networks (see "DPI Merge: Procera Acquires Vineyard Networks for $28M; Riverbed OEM Adds Enterprise Business" - here).

Last week, Procera announced a new OEM partner, this time a telecom vendor for its DPI engine (here).
The new NAVL version 4.0 " .. adds IPv6 support, de-tunnelling of GTP traffic, improvements in metadata extraction, and OEM industry-leading high performance throughput capabilities, while conserving resources and enabling regular updates through the NAVL plug-in architecture".

"The NAVL 4.0 DPI engine can easily classify traffic at speeds well above 100Gbps, with minimal effect on network response times, latency or jitter"

Enhanced Property Extraction
"NAVL 4.0 is delivered as a software image that can be deployed in a number of processors and processing architectures, including x86 32bit, x86 64bit, Cavium Octeon, Octeon II, Octeon III, ARM, PowerPC, Tilera and Freescale".
See "Procera Networks Offers New NAVL 4.0 DPI Engine as SDK for License to OEMs" - here.

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