Thursday, February 14, 2013

AT&T's Akamai-based CDN is Available to US Businesses

AT&T announced its ".. enhanced, high-performance content delivery network (CDN) offer for businesses of all sizes. AT&T CDN Service is available to U.S. customers, two months after AT&T announced a global strategic alliance with Akamai Technologies [see "[Dan Rayburn]: AT&T is Giving up on Carrier CDN" - here] to provide content delivery network solutions. A similar offer for global companies is also planned.

The offer announced today will help businesses:

  • Enable website pages to load faster across nearly any network-connected device, including mobile devices
  • Accelerate software distribution securely across their enterprise networks and to customers
  • Provide fast and highly secure distribution of content rich applications like high-definition video across nearly any connected device
  • Ensure business-critical enterprise and cloud applications are highly secure and perform well for global Internet users outside of corporate firewalls
  • Significantly improve the performance of e-commerce, financial, and other web and mobile transactions that rely on dynamic, personalized, or other non-cacheable data
The Akamai Intelligent Platform spans 81 countries and over 1,100 of the world’s networks; with over 125,000 servers deployed in more than 2,100 locations as of 2012.

See "New AT&T Content Delivery Network Offer Accelerates Bits and Bytes for Business" - here.

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