Sunday, February 3, 2013

Qosmos and Napatech Launch a DPI-based Analytics Probe

Napatech 4-Port 10 GbE Adapter 

for Packet Capture
Qosmos  and Napatech (here) provided details on the new "Qosmos DeepFlow™ Telecom probe, a pre-configured analytics appliance ideal for telecom solution providers who need to perform big data analysis on high-speed mobile data for service assurance and optimization .. The DeepFlow Telecom appliance combines Qosmos Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) capabilities with Napatech intelligent network adapters to provide rich, real-time input for big data analysis of mobile network data".

Deepflow provides real time IP flow analysis beyond 20 Gbps per box, and is offered in a range of probes with specialized products to answer the specific requirements of each telecom use case - for Subscriber Analytics, QoE, or Application Component Suite (see chart below) 

"Qosmos software can recognize 1100 protocols and extract 6000 metadata types including applications that often try to avoid detection. Regular updates to this library ensure that users can stay ahead of the game".

See "Qosmos and Napatech Provide Rich, Real-time Input for Mobile Analytics and Service Assurance" - here.

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