Saturday, February 16, 2013

tw Telecom: Case Studies for Bandwidth on-Demand

tw telecom offers enterprise customers some innovating traffic management services, under their Intelligent Network offering (see "tw telecom: 3 Steps Towards Application Aware Networking" - here).

The 2nd step in the above post, Dynamic capacity, was presented during tw's recent earning call, by Larissa Herda (pictured), Chairman, CEO and President, with several case studies:
  • Our first customer example is a financial services company in Charlotte that established new services including our dynamic capacity capabilities between two data centers to support data storage and a proprietary finance application. The customer started with 50 Meg of fix service, but quickly discovered their application needed a peak bandwidth of 150 Meg. As a result, the customer doubled their fixed bandwidth to 100 Meg and then relied on dynamic capacity to cover their maximum bandwidth needs, which is a great example of how the customer benefitted from our innovation while we sold more strategic services.
  • Our second customer example is a media company in Indianapolis. This customer purchased dynamic capacity capabilities between their primary and secondary data centers. The customer loved how quickly the increased bandwidth helped them resolve troubleshooting performance issues with their applications. The customer told us that dynamic capacity saved them hours of troubleshooting since they could immediately see it was not a bandwidth or network issue, which is a terrific customer experience.
  • The third customer is an insurance company in Florida. This customer moved their data center from their premises to a third party data center. And they were unsure of how much bandwidth they would need to manage data backup. The customer quickly enjoyed being able to increase their bandwidth for its' periodic increased bandwidth needs for storage replication and large file transfers that they needed while moving their applications from the corporate office to the data centers.

See "tw telecom's CEO Discusses Q4 2012 Results - Earnings Call Transcript" , by Seeking Alpha, here.

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