Saturday, February 16, 2013

ADVA Optical Acquires Biran High Tech Advisors

ADVA Optical Networking, who recently invested in Saguna (see "Saguna's Investor: ADVA Optical Networking ($1M, 10%)"), has "acquired LTE technologies developer Biran High Tech Advisors Ltd. for a few million dollars in shares .. founder and CEO Gil Biran [pictured] is a veteran of Israel's telecommunications equipment industry. He founded the company in 2008 to provide outsourcing of R&D in streamlining mobile network operations, with a focus on LTE 4G networks. Biran will head Adva Optical's Israeli operations and in his new capacity as VP business and strategic development, he will seek additional investment opportunities in Israel" according to a recent report by Shmulik Shelach to Globes.

ADVA is expected to announce soon its Cachejack product, an integration of Saguna's caching technology, to its Ethernet backhaul product line.
"Biran and Adva Optical CTO Dr. Christoph Glingener [pictured], who was in Israel this week, believe that mobile networks will be software-rich in a few year, and will provide apps to users in the style of Apple Inc.'s (Nasdaq: AAPL) Appstore. Glingener says that Adva Optical wants to double Biran High Tech Advisors' staff of 40 employees over the next two years".

See "Germany's Adva Optical acquires Biran High Tech Advisors" - here.

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