Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Telstra to Test DPI for P2P Shaping

While large (usually incumbent) carriers/ISPs are moving away from using DPI for limiting the use of (somewhat historical) bandwidth hungry applications (BT, Bell Canada), Telstra seems to be going on the opposite direction.

John Chambers (pictured), director, Consumer Wireline, says in a a post to Telstra Exchange that "Telstra will shortly be undertaking a limited trial of a range of technical solutions for better managing network performance .. The trial will be limited to a small number of ADSL customers .. Network management practices of this kind are common internationally and are already in use by a number of Australian ISPs (particularly on wireless networks - see "Telstra CTO: "We do not currently implement traffic management"" - here)

 .. One of the variety of options being examined under this trial is the shaping of specific services (including some peer to peer (P2P) services) in certain circumstances, to determine what impact this has on total overall customer experience of time critical experiences for real time entertainment. 

.. As part of this project, Telstra is trialling network enhancements that allow the identification of specific types of traffic on our network. The technology being used looks at characteristics of the data packet to identify the type of the traffic present. Any inspection that takes place is used only to identify the signature of the traffic; it does not identify the content (eg whether this is a movie, the title or any other details).

See "Maximising the Customer Experience – Trialling New Ways of Managing Our Network" - here. See also "Telstra's Application assured Networking Uses ALU" - here.

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