Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cavium's New TurboDPI Scans Data Only Once

Cavium introduced "TurboDPI™ II, the next generation of its production-ready TurboDPI family [see "Cavium Now Offers DPI s/w" - hereof software, that now incorporates up to nine major DPI functional modules integrated into a holistic toolkit that have been optimized for OCTEON® II processors. TurboDPI II’s Uniscan™ technology ensures that data is only scanned once by the OCTEON’s built-in hardware HFA DPI engines, and then the results are passed to the appropriate module".

"TurboDPI II has already been ported and deployed on many OCTEON Platforms including Cavium Evaluation Boards (EVBs), Cavium small form factor (SFF) evaluation boards, Intelligent Network Interface Cards (NICs), AMC boards and high performance ATCA blades capable of up to 80Gbps of Application Recognition that utilize dual 32 core Cavium OCTEON CN6880 processors. Major vendors including Advantech, Emerson, Kontron and Radisys all offer equipment that supports TurboDPI II"
See "Cavium Introduces TurboDPI™ II for OCTEON® Processors – Takes Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) To the Next Level" - here.

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