Monday, February 25, 2013

F5 Updates SDC; 25 Deployments in 2012

F5 Networks announced "..version 4.0 of the F5® Traffix™ Signaling Delivery Controller™ .. SDC 4.0 provides enriched functionality, including more efficient redundancy mechanisms that enable SDC sites to achieve higher performance rates, extended protocol support for RADIUS, LDAP, and other legacy protocols; a new graphical user interface with an improved dashboard [see below] ; more network-wide, real-time analytics and statistics that draw information from multi-SDC sites; support for new hardware architecture; and higher performance".

Ben Volkow, VP of Product Development, F5 told me that the "support for new hardware" refers to the "shipping of the SDC on HP platform .. We rolled out in the new version standalone geo redundancy/ provisioning system". Ben also said that “2012 was an exciting year as the Traffix SDC solution was deployed in more than 25 sites among tier 1, tier 2, and IP Exchange (IPX) carriers worldwide"

See "New release of F5 Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller" - here.

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