Friday, February 8, 2013

Vendor Preview: FibroLAN's Small Cell Backhaul w/Cache

Earlier this week I mentioned the Saguna-FibroLAN partnership (see "Saguna CEO: 'We have 4 New OEM licensees for our Mobile Caching Technology'" - here) in which FibroLAN licensed Saguna's caching and radio optimization software (CODS) for its second generation Falcon series for LTE mobile backhaul (here).

I asked FibroLAN's CEO, Shamir Stein (pictured) to further explain the new solution, that places popular data as close as possible to the users.

Shamir provided the following details about the new product:

  • FibroLAN's carrier Ethernet backhaul products support indoor and outdoor small cell deployments. Among other features it provides Power over Ethernet (PoE) to the small cells, and centralized synchronization using an integrated GPS.
  • Content caching, based Saguna's code, uses SSD storage and handles any kind of content (including video). It promises savings of up to 50% on backhaul bandwidth, while speeding up content delivery. It also supports DNS caching, eliminating the need for round trip delays associated with DNS queries (which could be significant, mainly for web pages with multiple objects).
  • The product aggregates several cells, in a flexible model that combines daisy chaining and star topologies. It also supports a campus configuration - in this case the the caching become even more efficient resulting from the larger number of people using it. 

  • FibroLAN will demonstrate the new product line at MWC 2013, and availability is planned for Q2 

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