Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[ABI] Major RAN/EPC Vendors After DSC Market; $500M/2016

A recent report (content) by Joe Hoffman (pictured), principal analyst, ABI Research finds that the Diameter Signaling Router market will reach $500M by 2016.
According to Joe, “A network outage at a top tier operator could put $300M of revenue at risks .. most of the problems to date are growing pains of 4G, and Diameter Routing mitigates a lot of risk

"Leading independent vendors  [my listhave captured initial market share, as Diameter Signaling has been under the radar of the major RAN/EPC vendors. As operators step up efforts to monetize 4G investments, Diameter usage spreads to policy and charging. Diameter Signaling is recognized as a critical control point, and the big iron vendors are now heating up the race".

See "3G/4G Diameter Routing to Reach $500M by 2016, First Movers Threatened by Infrastructure Vendors" - here. The report covers Acme Packet, Alcatel-Lucent, Amdocs, Diametriq, Ericsson, F5 Traffix, Tekelec and Ulticom.

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