Sunday, February 24, 2013

Diametriq Packages LTE Roaming for IPX Providers

Diametriq announced a suite of products and tools, targeting the IPX market, enabling LTE roaming. The new offering includes:
  • Diametriq Edge Appliance -  a cost-effective network element that enables LTE network operators to concentrate their roaming signaling traffic on an edge device without requiring a fully functional and expensive Diameter Signaling Controller

  • Diameter Roaming Visibility - offers operators a view of their roaming subscribers and their behavior. It includes map-based graphics that show the number of roamers and where they are located, data usage and duration of data sessions

Diameter Roaming Visibility
  • Diameter Traffic Calculator (see "Diametriq Presents: LTE Diameter Traffic Calculator" - here) - has been added with  LTE roaming scenarios
  • Diametriq Roaming Simulator - a suite of network element simulators that allows IPX providers to test various real life roaming scenarios as well as interoperability before going live. The service is hosted in Diametriq’s lab and can be accessed remotely by operators and IPX services.
See "Diametriq Announces its Diameter Edge Appliance™ to Support LTE Roaming" - here.

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