Saturday, February 2, 2013

EliteCore's Diameter Signaling Controller Deployed in Asia

Elitecore Technologies announced ".. deployment of its Diameter Signaling Controller, EliteDSC, with a leading SE Asian operator to address its 3G expansion and WiFi offload strategy.

Dhaval Vora (pictured), VP, Product Management, Elitecore Technologies said: “EliteDSC gives an edge over other Diameter and load balancing products in the market through its extensive platform capability and a common framework for all its diameter solutions. It accommodates multiple offerings like WiFi Offload, DSC, PCRF and Charging, thereby ensuring platform reuse to increase operator ROI”.

EliteDSC (added to the Diameter Roeuitng Product page - here) ".. manages Diameter signaling traffic and optimizes their 3G/ 4G networks. It serves as a centralized point for all diameter-based signaling in 3G and LTE networks for connecting, translating and interoperating diameter traffic, performs use cases such as PCRF binding and HSS address resolution, addresses integration issues in 3G-WiFi Offload along with roaming support and third party content delivery"

See "Elitecore announces successful deployment of Diameter signaling controller for 3G expansion and WiFi offload" - here.

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