Monday, February 25, 2013

[Vendor Review] Comverse's New Analytics Supported Policy Creation

Just before they leave to MWC, I met two of Comverse's Mobile Internet marketing team - Inbal Ben Ami, Product Marketing Manager, and Haim Rapoport (pictured), AVP Product Marketing.

I used the opportunity for a short brief on Comverse mobile internet business, and to learn more on the new products Comverse will be presenting in Barcelona this year.

Comverse Data Management and Monetization business (formally MIH - Mobile Internet Hub), offers all components of traffic management - from a PCEF (figure 1) with DPI (by ipoque - here), filtering and optimization, through PCRF, to a convergent billing system (Comverse ONE), with full integration between all systems (see figure 2 - 3GPP Sy "and beyond" support for billing-policy management integration).

Figure 1

Figure 2
Comverse is financially strong - with revenues $675M  (Q4 '11-Q3 '12), $250M in cash and no debt. Comverse internet business is no longer focused on the mobile market only, but addresses the fixed market as well, with the PCEF/DPI and policy management offering.

Encouraged by Infonetics Research report, showing that the two most important selection criteria for policy management systems are "Flexibility of rules engine" (96%) and "performance scalability across complex use cases and session/subscriber growth" (88%), Comverse decided to increase the usability of its PCRF rules creation and editing.

On top of the existing graphical rule editing tools provided to the marketing people designing new products (here, figure 3), Comverse adds analytics to assists marketers in their work - "Analytics Supported Policy Creation", they call it. Now, when a new service plan is created, the analytics function may advice on the popularity of the rule defined (figures 4 & 5).

Comverse clarified that the analytics function is not yet commercially available.

Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5

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