Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Saguna CEO: "We have 4 New OEM licensees for our Mobile Caching Technology"; Going Live on Q2

Saguna Networks announced a new OEM customer, FibroLAN - "The integrated solution combines Saguna Networks' Saguna CODS™ for optimizing the delivery of content and applications over mobile networks and FibroLAN's second generation Falcon series for LTE mobile backhaul .. As part of the cooperation, FibroLAN has licensed the Saguna CODS software from Saguna Networks". See "Saguna Networks and FibroLAN Cooperate to Deliver OTT Content and Application Acceleration to the Mobile Backhaul'" - here.

I covered Saguna before ("Saguna's Investor: ADVA Optical Networking ($1M, 10%)" - here), and I used this opportunity to ask Lior Fite (pictured), Founder and CEO, for an update on Saguna's business:

"In the last year we have managed to successfully complete with our partners and customers live network trials in Europe, US and Asia. We have added 4 new equipment vendors as licensees of our technology, and we expect to see our first customers (both cell-site-GW and Base-Stations) going to GA availability of new Smart RAN systems during Q2 2013. Besides adding new licensees during 2013 we will also focus on harnessing our technology to create new monetization options with first focus on CDN service in the model PAAS.

The result from our field trials leave no room for doubt demonstrating the following performance gains: Better users experience (Shorting the time any web page download by 10% to 20%, Smooth and stall free video watching) and Better network economics (Enabling 50% more capacity over the same back haul network, 15% to 20% more packets flowing over the same RF interface)"

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