Thursday, February 14, 2013

ALU's Smart Plan Helps MNOs Create New Offers

Alcatel-Lucent announces ‘Smart Plan’ a solution that ".. removes the complexity and greatly shortens the time needed to create new offers by giving service providers much more control over the process and reducing reliance on third party expertise and billing systems. Smart Plan uses plugins to integrate easily into a service provider’s existing network and IT infrastructure. It then acts as an orchestration layer to manage the necessary interactions between various elements such as policy control and billing, enabling it to respond to subscribers’ requests to initiate or change services in real-time"

".. Smart Plan allows service providers to recommend products and offers based on information such as usage patterns, real-time location data and loyalty, for example offering a regular traveller a roaming tariff as they wait for a flight. For shared data plans, offers can be defined for each person in the plan. Smart Plan also allows service providers to partner with other companies to generate new business opportunities. For example, a retailer could purchase data allowances from an operator and offer them as part of its own customer loyalty program".

Andrew McDonald, President of Alcatel-Lucent’s Platforms division, said: “Analysis of 4G LTE network usage shows a four-fold increase in people watching videos on their mobile devices compared to 3G. As more service providers move to LTE to deliver mobile broadband services, they need to adapt their data plans to subscriber behavior. The flexibility of Alcatel-Lucent’s Smart Plan solution allows service providers to quickly react to changing market conditions and competitors’ offers to ensure they retain the loyalty of their customers and grow their business”.

See "Alcatel-Lucent lets service providers change the way their customers discover, purchase and manage mobile broadband data" - here.

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