Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ericsson Adds DPI and Wi-Fi to SSR 8000

On February 2011 Ericsson launched its 4th generation IP network and announced the Smart Services Routers, the SSR 8000 family  with "with powerful DPI and policy enforcement" (see "Ericsson Smart Services Router to Include DPI and Video Caching" - here).

Since then I followed the product availability (here, here) and Ericsson's deployment announcements during 2012 (here, here).Just before MWC, Ericsson announces that it has added its previous DPI technology Service-Aware Support Node (SASN -  see "SoftBank Mobile (Japan) Uses Ericsson to Optimize Utilization" - here) to the SSR family 

According to the announcement "Smart Services Routers, the SSR 8000 family, now provide new opportunities for operators to further consolidate networks with two new applications on the same platform. One of the applications is the Ericsson Service-Aware Support Node, a key component in the company's policy control solution Service-Aware Charging and Control. It can be used to categorize different types of traffic to ensure the best user experience while optimizing the use of network resources".

The other application added is the "Ericsson Wi-Fi Gateway, which integrates Wi-Fi networks with mobile-broadband infrastructure, leveraging best-in-class mobile policy control and charging control. The Ericsson Wi-Fi Gateway will support the industry's first network-controlled, clientless solution for dynamic traffic steering between cellular and Wi-Fi. This capability is critical to providing consistently superior performance and a truly seamless mobile-broadband user experience across Wi-Fi and licensed bands while optimizing heterogeneous-network resources".

See "New applications out on Ericsson Smart Services Routers" - here.

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