Friday, November 30, 2012

[F&S]: CEM Market to Reach $2.5B by 2018 ($865M in 2011)

A new analysis by Olga Yashkova (pictured), Program Manager, Frost and Sullivan concludes that "The need to assess the quality of communication services from an end-user's perspective has presented the global customer experience (CE) monitoring market with immense growth opportunities. To understand the impact of broadband data proliferation and consumer desire to do everything on-the-go with network efficiency and quality of experience (QoE), service providers world-wide are turning to CE monitoring systems .. the market earned revenues of over $865.1 million in 2011 and estimates this to reach $2.54 billion in 2018".

"The link between customer churn and QoE has been clearly established, which is why CE monitoring solutions have become a necessity ..With new high-capacity radio frequency access technologies gaining ground, such as long-term evolution (LTE) and LTE advanced, there is a real need to understand customer experience with networks and services .. Vendors need to build cost-effective systems with high performance and scalability .. Advanced solutions that can collect relevant information and provide applicable metrics will help boost adoption".

See "Frost & Sullivan: Network Operators Count on Customer Experience Monitoring Systems to Solidify Consumer Loyalty Globally" - here.

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