Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[ISOC 2012 Survey]: Which Factors will Increase Internet Usage?

The Internet Society (ISOC) published the results of its 2012 survey, based on responses from 10,000 people from 20 countries asked about "..their attitudes towards the Internet and behaviors online".

Responses to questions on Internet usage, show that "Connection speed (73 percent) and reliability (69 percent) ranked slightly above more affordable monthly fees (68 percent) among factors that would increase usage. Other factors included more content in their local language (50 percent) and more online availability of government and/or community services (49 percent)".

The chart below shows the percentage of respondents answering with "Most likely" for the speed, reliability and cost factors that will "encourage you to use the Internet more often" for US, Germany, Russia, India and Globally:

See "Global Internet User Survey 2012" - here and the full results (here). 

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