Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cache Deployments [199]: Telma [Madagascar] Uses PeerApp

PeerApp announced that "Telma is using PeerApp’s UltraBand transparent caching platform. UltraBand allows Telma to deliver Internet content with improved quality, while reducing associated network load and costs"

"..With nearly two million mobile and fixed-line subscribers, Telma is Madagascar’s leading network operator. Telma faces a particular challenge in that 80% of requested content originates off-island and must traverse costly, bandwidth-limited international transit links .. For example, they were able to serve the recent ‘storm’ of Apple iOS 6 downloads with no strain on network capacity".

Telma is also DiViNetworks' cloud-based optimization service (here).

See "Telma Speeds Content Delivery for Madagascar with PeerApp" - here.

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