Friday, November 23, 2012

[Yankee Group]: "Aito Technologies and Neuralitic will play key roles in CEM"

A new research by Declan Lonrrgan (pictured), VP, Yankee Group, concludes that "While today’s U.S.$1 trillion mobile broadband marketplace presents many challenges to operators, it also provides many opportunities. Operators that embrace OTT, adopt new business models for network data, cloud and video, and leverage their unique subscriber relationships to deliver optimal customer experiences will be best positioned to not only cope with but capitalize in this volatile segment".

"Operators will look beyond connectivity for sustainable differentiation. During the next two to three years, we expect to see more bundling of OTT communications apps with LTE subscriptions as well as operators increasing their portfolio of cloud-based solutions, including offering bundled content-storage and backup with premium LTE services

"Vendors will step up in the customer experience realm. New players including Aito Technologies and Neuralitic will play key roles, as will traditional stalwarts such as Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei".

See "What's Next for Mobile Broadband" - here.

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