Sunday, July 13, 2014

Syntonic Builds a Sponsored Content Store for AT&T

Will Sandvine's prediction that "sponsored data will create billions of dollars of revenue for service providers" (here) come through? AT&T's sponsored data (see "[Rumors]: AT&T "Sponsored Data" is Based on Openet's PCC here) takes another step forward.

Syntonic Wireless, an AT&T sponsored data provider, announced the introduction of the "Syntonic Sponsored Content Store for eligible AT&T mobile subscribers. Powered by the Syntonic Connected Services Platform -- which couples mobile apps and content with 4G connectivity -- the sponsored content store provides an open marketplace where eligible AT&T wireless customers can access free or premium mobile content without impacting their data plans .. The Sponsored Content Store will be available to eligible AT&T postpaid or session-based subscribers with either an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone"

See "Syntonic Wireless Introduces Sponsored Content Store" - here.

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