Thursday, June 21, 2012

Akamai CEO: "Our CDN will Need 100x Expansion in 5 Years"

Mathew Ingram reports to GigaOM on Akamai's CEO, Paul Sagan (pictured), presentation during the GigaOM Structure event held in San Francisco:

"[The Internet] is still growing at a phenomenal rate — thanks in large part to streaming .. the already enormous content-delivery network his company runs will need to expand by a factor of 100 times in the next five years just to keep up with the demand for real-time video"

"the complicating factor for Akamai is the multidevice, multiplatform world, where the company doesn’t know what kind of content it is going to have to deliver to a user, or where it is going to come from, or what device or network it is going to have to be delivered to — but people just expect it to work"

See "You think the internet is big now? Akamai needs to grow 100-fold" - here.

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