Thursday, June 28, 2012

CDN Announcements: EdgeCast Shows 77% Performance Improvement w/Integrated Google’s PageSpeed

EdgeCast Networks announced it has "integrated Google’s PageSpeed (see "Google Optimizes Web sites and Brings CDN Service to the Masses" - herefront end optimization (FEO) technology into the company’s content delivery network". 

"This major step makes PageSpeed - and the significant speed improvements it can provide for static and dynamic content - available to thousands of customers and millions of web sites. Customers can now select from many “best practice” optimizations to apply to their content, and those optimizations will be conducted on-the-fly, on the edge server closest to the end user, and without requiring any changes to site code .. PageSpeed will also be incorporated into the EdgeCast managed and licensed CDN software platforms [heremaking the technology available to EdgeCast distributors such as Motorola Mobility, Dell [here], and the operators they serve".

"The integration is the first implementation that executes PageSpeed logic directly on the edge server closest to each end user - a fundamental architectural distinction that results in major improvements in site performance. Early customer testing has shown up to a 77% improvement in site performance compared to customer origin without the service".

See "EdgeCast brings google pagespeed to the edge" - here.

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