Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NSN - 5X Uplink Capacity Increase with CPC

Nokia Siemens Networks announced it is the ".. first to implement a bundle of standards-based features that deliver Continuous Packet Connectivity (CPC). By reducing network interference, the feature set provides five times more uplink capacity and allows operators to support more smartphone users on HSPA+ networks. In addition, smart device batteries last 15% longer while people benefit from a 60% increase in data rates".
CPC is (see "Understanding HSPA+ Cellular Technology", by Jodi Zellmer - here) ".. a collection of enhancements that allow more users to be continuously connected to the network and, at the same time, increase UE battery life and improve the link quality, especially for low-data-rate services like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)".

See "Nokia Siemens Networks boosts smartphone experience on HSPA+ networks" - here.

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  1. Good to see Nokia really making an effort in improving their communications services