Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tekelec: Vodafone Netherlands/Spain Prioritize Some Business Subscribers Data

Tekelec's CTO, Doug Suriano (pictured), was interviewed to European Communications about the recent pricing models and plans used by operators.

The examples Doug used (are they all using Tekelec?):
  • Shared data plans - Orange, Verizon
  • Speed tiers - Swisscom  
  • Time based - Smart, Philippines 
  • QoS tiers - "Vodafone Netherlands and Vodafone Spain currently prioritise data traffic for some business subscribers, and we expect that practice to expand in Europe over the next year as well" (see "Vodafone Uses DPI and Policy Management to Improve QoE" - here
  • Toll Free - where application providers cover some or all of the cost of a subscriber’s data usage for a particular application (see " AT&T CEO: 1-800 Data will "Catch Fire in the Next 12 Months" - here).

"New mobile data tariffs will need to provide more flexibility – that could mean contract length, devices, types of tiers (eg, speed or time instead of data volumes) and partnerships with OTT providers [here]. Essentially, it’s about operators understanding subscribers and developing new personalized tariffs based on their knowledge of users’ preferences and activities. An example is knowing which subscribers watch long-form video on tablets and being able to make an attractive offer tailored for them".

See "Q&A: Tekelec CTO Doug Suriano" - here.


  1. VF NL have Openet, not Tekelec for PCRF, I am shocked he is mentioning VF NL...

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