Tuesday, June 26, 2012

iOS Consumes 100% More Data (Browsing, Facebook) than Android

A new research, "Consumer smartphone usage: data traffic and network usage patterns", by Martin Scott (pictured), Principal Analyst, Analysis Mason shows the "distribution of average traffic generated per minute of web browsing by iPhone users compared with Android users" and finds that "The median traffic rate for Android users was 100–200KB per minute compared to 300–400KB per minute for iPhone users – more than twice the average data consumption .. We observed similar differences in average data rates for use of the official Facebook app on iPhones and Android handsets".

Nevertheless, this may not the full picture, as far as MNOs are concerned. See "Apple Devices Use Wi-Fi, Android Use 3G - Why?" - here and about Android's signaling problems (here, here and here).

See "Web browsing on an iPhone generates twice the per-minute traffic of browsing on an Android smartphone" - here


  1. I think this is very driven by the operators surveyed and their various pricing plans, and not a general indicator. Some operators have reported exactly the opposite on usage of Android vs iPhone. Some of the "unlimited" operators only offer Androids, and their usage is way above that of a normal iPhone user.

  2. That is exactly right. I have heard that Android phones have a higher 'breathing rate' than iOS devices.