Sunday, May 27, 2012

ALU: We can Optimize OTT Traffic in a Fully Net-neutrality Compliant Way

Steve Hawley reported to from Alcatel-Lucent’s annual industry analyst meeting. Among the many quotes, one comes from Wim Sweldens (pictured), President, ALU’s Wireless Division, regarding application awareness:

".. Application enablement helps operators optimize their opportunities with OTT .. by being able to treat different types of bits differently, based on the profile of the user, how busy the network is, which content is being consumed, from which source, on which device, over which access; and to do it in a fully network neutrality compliant way by embedding regulatory logic into applications".

ALU's  "Open API QoS use case" (here) refers to the above - "This Application Enablement use case integrates the Open API Platform and Consulting Services as well as an array of QoS enablers listed below: 7750 Service Router [hereand related products for subscriber and policy management, for R1; 5780 DSC for R2; and deep packet inspection (DPI) as well as consulting services and third party DPI products, if needed"

See "Impressions from the Alcatel-Lucent 2012 Technology Symposium" - here.

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