Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pirate Pay Stops Illegal File Transfers - How?

Elena Shipilova reports to Russia Beyond the Headlines that "The creators of Pirate Pay, a Perm-based start-up, say they can stop files from being illegally downloaded from torrent networks .. the technology prevents file sharing in torrent networks".
Andrei Klimenko, founder and CEO of Pirate Pay describes the method they use: "In December 2011 the film “Vysotsky. Thanks to God I’m Alive” came out in movie theaters, and for a month after its opening, Pirate Pay protected the film on torrent networks .. We used a number of servers to make a connection to each and every p2p client that distributed this film. Then Pirate Pay sent specific traffic to confuse these clients about the real I.P. addresses of other clients and to make them disconnect from each other .. Not all the goals were reached. But nearly 50,000 users did not complete their downloads" (see more- here).
"This company’s successful defense of the film brought in its first big payday. Company officials will not discuss exact earnings, but said that projects will cost clients between approximately $12,000 and $50,000 depending on the resources needed to mount a defense".
A year ago Microsoft invested $100,000 in the compnay (see "Microsoft вручил грант первому стартапу, ставшему победителем конкурса Фонда посевного финансирования компании" - here).
See "Russian innovators pursue prototype to prevent piracy" - here.

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