Tuesday, May 15, 2012

NI Announcements: Broadband Systems Adds Deeper Web Intelligence

Broadband Systems launched the ".. Web Traffic Intelligence solution based on the Service Logic Gateway (SLG) technology .. designed to allow mobile operators to categorize and classify what their different subscriber types are doing on the internet, at a level that makes sense from a business perspective. Therefore, the solution provides detailed data and business graphics which describe how much each subscriber segment access different web sites categories, like Business, News, Sports etc"

".. Unlike DPI, the Web Traffic Intelligence solution focuses on the actual web based services that the mobile subscribers use – and not the network protocols used to implement the services".

"The Web Traffic Intelligence solution acts as a carrier grade network intelligence device which is deployed simply as a router in the mobile operators’ networks. The solution uses the smart routing functionality of the SLG technology and it is functional minutes after deployment .. With one modern Linux server such as the HP DL360p G8, the SLG software can support 20Gbit/s of subscriber traffic for analysis and classification".

See "Web Traffic Intelligence - The Solution that Identifies what Mobile Data Subscribers Are Doing on the Web" - here.

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