Monday, May 21, 2012

CEM Announcements: ALU Offers Managed QoS Assurance Service

The recent popularity of CEM (as Shira Levine tweeted today "At #nokiasiemensnetworks analyst day, where #CEM is the phrase of the day") encourages creativity.

Alcatel-Lucent announced it is "launching a new managed service for telecommunications operators and service providers that will allow them to assure consistent quality of service for their subscribers. Drawing on Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive Customer Experience Solutions portfolio – launched in February – as well as patent-pending methodology developed by Bell Labs, the new managed service will monitor and improve aspects of a consumer’s experience that have the most impact on their satisfaction with the service provider – anything from dropped calls to issues with video downloads and connecting to the Internet".

See "Alcatel-Lucent launches new customer experience service to assure consistent quality for users of smartphones and tablet devices" - here.

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