Friday, May 25, 2012

DPI Announcements: Tektronix (ex. Arbor/Ellacoya) is Back!

Tektronix Communications announced the ".. Deep Packet Classification (DPC) solution, which enables operators to clearly understand what services are consuming the valuable network bandwidth on a per-subscriber basis enabling them to protect and maximize their revenue-generating potential .. Tektronix Communications’ DPC offers best-in-breed data services classification across the Company’s award-winning suite of network, service and customer assurance applications. This capability provides real-time visibility of consumption and Quality of Experience on a per-customer basis to sales and marketing, and real-time visibility of resource consumption and network utilization to engineering and operations".

I was unable to reach additional information on the new solution.

See "Tektronix Communications Manages Revenue Drain From Over-the-Top Content" - here.

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