Friday, May 11, 2012

Netherlands: Net Neutrality/DPI Restrictions Law Approved

Door Ot van Daalen reprots to Bits of Freedom (Dutch site) that "On 8 May 2012 The Netherlands adopted crucial legislation to safeguard an open and secure internet in The Netherlands. It is the first country in Europe to implement net neutrality in the law .. The net neutrality law prohibits internet providers from interfering with the traffic of their users. The law allows for traffic management in case of congestion and for network security, as long as these measures serve the interests of the internet user. A technical error in the law might still be corrected in a vote on 15 May".

"In addition, the law includes an anti-wiretapping provision, restricting internetproviders from using invasive wiretapping technologies, such as deep packet inspection (DPI). They may only do so under limited circumstances, or with explicit consent of the user, which the user may withdraw at any time".
This is a relatively quick reaction to the attempt of KPN to surcharge customers for using competitive voice and messaging applications (here).

See "Netherlands first country in Europe with net neutrality" - here. See also "Translations of key Dutch internet freedom provisions" - here.

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