Thursday, May 10, 2012

QoS Deployments [147]: Telstra Offers Application Aware Control to Enterprises

Telstra announced the " Telstra Application Assured Networking™ service will provide organisations with a clear view and more control over the increasing number of financial, relationship management, IP telephony, video conferencing and other business applications on their network. The new service will initially allow an organisation to produce reports on how networks are being used by applications which can be viewed via an easy-to-use secure online portal on the Telstra Business and Enterprise website. Coupled with this is a consultancy service desk to provide expert advice with regards to application and network performance". (see also "Telstra to Differentiate on Traffic on the Wireline and Wireless Edge" - here). 

Telstra also shows what's next:
  • Manual Policy Control (coming soon)

    The online portal helps you to ensure critical applications perform at peak. Simply use the preconfigured templates to apply bandwidth priority, Quality of Service and service levels to the selected applications. You can also enable blocking policies to restrict unwanted applications on a site-by-site basis.
  • Automated Policy Control (coming soon)

    With this enhancement, Telstra’s network will identify applications and apply your specified policies to them. Real-time, application-specific bandwidth bursting and shaping switches the application load as needed. Network resources will be available to help ensure a consistent service and user experience while changes are occurring.

See "Telstra launches network intelligence giving business the complete picture" - here.

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