Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CEM Announcements: Comptel Adds Contextual Intelligence

The CEM trend continues ... this time suggesting a revenue opportunity.

Comptel introduced a new concept of "..Contextual Intelligence for Telco (CIQ4T), which was created to help communications service providers (CSPs) take customer experience management to the next level .. CIQ4T builds on Comptel’s proven expertise in collecting and processing large volumes of data and automatically executing actions involved in the deployment and launch of rich communications services. Key characteristics of CIQ4T include contextual, real-time data, advanced predictive analytics and automated actions".

".. IQ4T uses predictive analytics to allow communications service providers (CSPs) to better understand individual subscribers and convert that knowledge into business opportunities. For instance, CSPs can combine historical and real-time data with predictive modeling to gain unique insight into current and future customer behaviors. In turn, this enables CSPs to better segment customers for more targeted mobile advertising and offer personalized service bundles, and open up the possibilities for many other revenue opportunities".

"Comptel implements this approach with its Customer Engagement solutions that includes event data processing and real-time action-taking tools. Already, trials of Comptel’s predictive analytics product have demonstrated a 21% reduction in churn and 25% increase in revenue among CSPs".

See "Comptel Raises the Bar for Telco Customer Experience Management with Advanced Analytics-Based Approach" - here.

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