Thursday, May 31, 2012

TeliaSonera Likes OTT. However, …

Mobile Business Briefing reports from the Open Mobile Summit 2012, held in London this week on TeliaSonera's mobility head, Hakan Dahlstrom (pictured) presentation.

Mr. Dahlstrom spoke about their LTE success ("140,000 4G users in Sweden"), smartphone data consumption (" the average smartphone user in the Nordics is consuming 300MB of data per month and that this is set to increase to 3GB per month in just a few years"), mobile broadband consumption ("Mobile broadband users are on track to consume 45GB per month within five years").

The more interesting statements were about the complex relations with Over the Top content providers: ".. The OTT players are increasing the value of the access we are providing to the end user [and] our role is to support this behaviour .. Access is separate from services. We will treat [the OTT players] like our own services but we will provide alternatives .. To this end, he said that TeliaSonera was planning an RCS-based communicator to compete with the likes of WhatsApp and Skype .. Not everyone needs to go with our communicator but our customers are asking for this".

See "TeliaSonera touts 4G progress and OTT alternatives" - here.

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