Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CDN/Cache Announcements: Ericsson Adds Akamai Cache to its [DPI Capable] SSR 8000 Router

Ericsson introduced ".. its Smart Cloud Accelerator solution. This new solution complements Ericsson's portfolio of content delivery options consisting of the Mobile Cloud Accelerator (MCA) which allows mobile network operators to deliver content with an improved end-to-end quality of service, and the Media Delivery Network (MDN), an operator Content Delivery Network (CDN) optimized for video delivery ..Ericsson will use unified caching technology from Akamai to provide for dynamic capacity sharing between operators and their CDN customers, as well as over-the-top Internet traffic."

New SSR 8010
".. The new operator CDN solution accelerates return on investment via unified caching technology. It optimizes over-the-top traffic and monetizes cloud content for operators, adding Akamai capabilities to Ericsson's SSR 8000 [see "Ericsson: "The IP application router SSR 8020 is now in commercial operation" - herefamily of routing gateways .. Integration within the operator network policy infrastructure provides fine-grained control of resource allocation and quality of experience, thereby enabling operators to provide attractive offerings to a variety of content providers".
See "Ericsson to introduce Smart Cloud Accelerator solution" - here. In addition, Ericsson annouced a new member to the SSR 8000 family - the SSR 8010 (pictured), commercially available in Q3 2012-  see "Ericsson releases new router with multi-dimensional scalability" - here.

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