Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NSN Adds Intelligence and Optimization to the Flexi NG

The trend of integrating multiple intelligent features into a single platform (Bytemobile, and the idea behind the recent acquisition of Ortiva by Allot) continues.

Nokia Siemens Networks announced that it has ".. built multiple intelligent broadband management functions into its Flexi NG (Network Gateway). These enable the network to optimize traffic and content in real time and allocate the right network resources to fulfill fluctuating smartphone user demands .. Called Intelligent IP Edge, the development combines traditional packet core network functions with value-adding capabilities such as Evolved Packet Core* (EPC), service intelligence, video and content optimization, content caching, policy control enforcement, real-time reporting and trend reporting into a single network element .. For example, traffic optimization allows 30% more subscribers to be served using existing radio network resources" (see "QoS Announcements: NSN Adds Intelligent Broadband Management" - here).

"Existing Flexi NG installations can be upgraded to Intelligent IP Edge by adding Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture® (ATCA) based hardware and the relevant software .. The new product will be available for commercial deployments in the second quarter of 2012".
More on NSN's Flexi NG - here and here.

See "Nokia Siemens Networks simplifies mobile content delivery" - here.

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