Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Light Reading] Rumors: Tekelec Seeking a Buyer

Ray Le Maistre (pictured) reports to Light Reading that "the new private equity owners of Tekelec Inc. are believed to be seeking a buyer for its Broadband Network Solutions business, which includes the company's policy control, diameter signaling router and subscriber data management (SDM) assets".

".. Tekelec was acquired for $780 million in January by a consortium of investors .. Now, according to a number of industry sources, the owners are looking to cash in on the growth part of the business and manage the older side of the company that should generate cash-flow for a few years yet ..  industry sources, though, say the Broadband Network Solutions unit has been offered to a number of companies, including the IP router vendors and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) players .. One industry executive ventured a potential sale tag of $500 million".

The Broadband Network Solutions unit includes the Policy Management product line [ex Camiant], Diameter Singling Router (see "Tekelec: 10 New Diameter Router Customers; Total of 19" - here) and SDM products.

"Tekelec is saying nothing about the speculation".

See "Tekelec Back in M&A Mode" - here.

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