Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tekelec: 10 New Diameter Router Customers; Total of 19

Tekelec announced "Ten new customers – six mobile operators and four hubbers – have selected Tekelec’s Diameter Signaling Router (DSR) since the beginning of March. The wins more than double Tekelec’s DSR footprint and bring the customer count to 19 across 10 countries .. the new customers include tier one operators in Europe and the U.S., a U.S. tier two operator and four hub providers".

"The 19 total customers are comprised of 14 operators across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas, including multiple national properties in one of the operators, and five hub providers: 
  • All 19 customers will use the DSR to route Diameter messages in the network core. One U.S. tier one made two separate core network routing purchases: one for its LTE network and one for its IMS network. In addition, 11 DSR customers have selected the product to act as a secure interconnection point for roaming between partner networks, and four will also use it to intelligently scale policy deployments to enable usage-based services. 
  • Two U.S. tier one customers selected the DSR to provide the subscriber locator function (SLF) in the LTE architecture that maps between a subscriber identity and a Home Subscriber Server (HSS), a database of subscriber profile information. One of these operators also purchased a DSR system to provide the SLF in an IMS network. Another customer will scale its 3G and LTE charging systems with the DSR. 
See "Tekelec Announces Ten New Diameter Signaling Router Customers" - here.

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