Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Optimization Announcements: DiViNetworks Caches Live Streaming Video

The upcoming Olympic Games event in London stimulates the creativity of traffic optimization vendors, in view of the expected growth in video traffic.
Should operators throttle traffic (here)? Use cell aware optimization (here)? Add wireless frequencies (here)? Flood London with 70,000 small cells (here)? All the above? 

Source: DiViNetworks

DiViNetworks (see background - "DiViNetworks' Bytestream Caching" - here) adds another way to significantly optimize data traffic, based on the fact that so many people will be watching the same live video feed (the 100M final, for example).
The optimization vendor announced "a new product DiViLive, the first solution enabling true network scaling for Live traffic .. DiViLive turns a regular data network into a scalable broadcast network, for managed and over-the-top (OTT) content. As the individual flows (a.k.a. Unicast) pass through the network, they are analyzed in real-time, and similar flows are compacted. Thus when 1,000 users watch the same Live feed, only one full session passes the network while 999 sessions are compacted to mere control data

"Operating on the bit-stream layer, rather than the protocol or content layer, DiViLive supports all forms of Live traffic, regardless of the protocol, format, content or source. Thus DiViLive supports adaptive-bit-rate (ABR) and content-encryption (DRM) ..  DiViLive can be deployed over any combination of segments from the cloud (using the DiViCloud network [here]), through the network backbone and core, and all the way to the access - fixed or mobile"
See "Get Ready for the Olympics: DiViNetworks Announces DiViLive™ - 10x Live Video Sessions Over Existing Infrastructure" - here.

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