Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mobile Accounts for 10% of Global Web Traffic

While mobile Internet is growing fast, and calls for investments in Billions of $s, it still small, in traffic volumes, compared to fixed networks.

This explains, with the fact that the number of users and devices and ARPU in mobile is higher (FCC chairman - "Around, the world, more people now have mobile phones than electricity or running water" - here - i.e those phones that you do not need to charge), why it is still easier to implement traffic processing elements in mobile networks (optimization, DPI, etc) at a reasonable cost while you hardly find these in large DSL or Cable networks. 

So what is the ratio between mobile and fixed?

Pingdom site reports, based on data from StatCounter, that the percentage of web traffic (not sure if it means  "web" as browsing web site or all internet traffic) generated by mobile devices is, globally, 10% of all web traffic, compared to just 3.8% two years ago.

Asia (17.8%) and Africa (14.9%), and countries that lack fixed infrastructure (Zimbabwe - 58%, India - 48%) lead the list. To compare, UK is 10.7% and US is 8.6%, reflecting the availability of high-speed fixed connections, lower cost and use of video content at home.

See "Mobile share of web traffic in Asia has tripled since 2010" - here.

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