Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tekelec Adds Secured "2 Sided Business Model" to DSR

The "two-sided" service model (carrier and OTT service/content provider) is seen by many (who do not care much about Net Neutrality) as the definite business model for profitable mobile data services (example - "DT Believes in "Two-Sided" Business Model - OTT to Pay for QoS" - here). We are still not there, but the product infrastructure is introduced, step by step, by the relevant vendors.
Tekelec brings us closer by announcing it has expanded the functionality of Diameter Signaling Router (DSR) to ".. act as the secure interconnection point for OTT applications such as social networking, video streaming and multimedia communications running over operators’ mobile networks". 

"This new functionality, called the DSR Over-the-Top Proxy, enables several innovative business models including “Toll-free” data, where third parties subsidize subscribers’ application usage .. Quality-of-service based tiers .. subsidizes data usage for a guaranteed level of quality, Promotional offers and Loyalty programs".

"Each revenue-sharing model requires a service provider to expose policies that define service rules and subscriber data that personalize services to an application provider. The messages carrying usage data communicate using the industry-standard Diameter protocol. Tekelec’s DSR OTT Proxy adds network intelligence and security functions to the delivery and receipt of Diameter messages. It provides a central point to manage traffic handoffs between operators and applications and acts as a secure firewall for all Diameter traffic coming into operators’ networks. This allows operators to hide the IP addresses of their equipment and prevent an application from flooding the network with a signaling storm of Diameter messages".

See "Tekelec launches over-the-top solution for new diameter network" - here.

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