Friday, May 4, 2012

Monday's Guest Post: MNOs Can Partner with OTT Service Providers


A new guest post will be published on Monday. In his article, "Engaging the Subscriber" my 18th guest, Chris Hoover, will discuss the ways for mobile operators to move toward partnerships with OTT providers.

"The popularity of OTT services has grown along with smartphone penetration, with the result that operators are becoming less visible to the subscriber. Recognition, influence and loyalty are migrating to other parts of the value chain, particularly OTT service providers. Meanwhile, the cost to deliver mobile broadband connectivity is overtaking operator’s revenue. To resolve this, operators must diversify their revenue streams by providing value to OTT providers. This value lies in an operator’s strongest asset: a direct, uninterrupted connection with untold millions of subscribers, each one a potential new customer for an OTT provider", says Chris.

Stay tuned.

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