Monday, May 7, 2012

CEM Announcements: NSN Adds Quality and Performance Management Tools

Nokia Siemens Networks announced the launch of ".Service Quality Manager (SQM) and Performance Manager (PM) .. The tools provide the link between network performance and service experience, helping operators really understand what their customers are getting"
".. Service Quality Manager (SQM) uses built-in service behavior models based on Nokia Siemens Networks’ understanding of how services are affected by changes in networks and user behavior .. Performance Manager (PM) incorporates more than 500 ready-made reports that Nokia Siemens Networks’ experience has revealed as the most important for helping operators understand network performance end-to-end. Able to support multi-vendor networks of any size, the scalable tool can process up to 70 billion data counters per day and intelligently analyze them to provide an insight into network performance and prioritize problems for immediate attention".

See "Mobile operators: Do you really understand your customer’s experience?" - here.

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