Saturday, May 26, 2012

Research Shows the Need for Application-aware Networking

Telstra's "Application Assured Networking" (here and here) provides "organisations with a clear view and more control over the increasing number of financial, relationship management, IP telephony, video conferencing and other business applications on their network".

A new research, Killer Apps 2012, conducted by Ipanema Technologies and Easynet shows the potential demand for such technology, either as a service (Telstra's example, with Alcatel-Lucent equipment) or by deploying a Wan Optimization solution.

Source: Killer Apps 2012

The research discovered that "performance problems are highly prevalent across networks, with 74% citing enterprise critical applications such as line of business (26%), ERP or CRM (26%) and video-based applications (22%) being those most at risk. In addition, the results unearthed a worrying trend on how such problems are discovered, with user complaints the second most common source of monitoring issues across networks".

In addition to the lack of visibility ("69% do not have visibility of the bandwidth requirements each network application requires"), there of course performance problems as well - "82% of respondents report speed and responsiveness problems in the past 12 months, 43% of companies highlighted that these issues are becoming ‘more frequent. The vast majority of companies (86%) report increasing bandwidth requirements"

See "New study finds 82% of European organizations suffer application performance problems" - here.

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