Saturday, May 12, 2012

[Infonetics] Carrier Wi-Fi is a Key Solution; Main Driver - Enhance Throughput

A recent report by Richard Webb (pictured), directing analyst for microwave, mobile offload, and mobile broadband devices at Infonetics Research finds that ".. Two-thirds of the service providers that Infonetics interviewed have already deployed 20,000 to over 150,000 WiFi access points (APs) in public spaces"

See previous posts on MetroPCS, KDDI, India, AT&T, China Telecom, PCCW.

"Complementing the mobile data service by enhancing throughput is currently the top deployment driver for carrier WiFi, followed by the scarcity of licensed spectrum".

"Mobile operators are firmly behind carrier WiFi as a key solution for mobile offload, even as they continue to investigate other small cell possibilities .. Our survey shows that whilst data offload is the current priority, in coming years operators will want to see a closer integration of WiFi with the mobile network so that offload becomes more intelligent, automated, and seamless. They want to utilize WiFi not only to augment mobile services, but to enhance the network itself by becoming an integrated part of the mobile network".

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