Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cache Deployments [144]: IBW [CentAm] Uses PeerApp

PeerApp announced that it has been "..selected by IBW to provide its UltraBand transparent caching platform throughout IBW’s Central American operations. UltraBand will help IBW deliver Internet content, including video and multimedia, with improved quality, while reducing associated network congestion and costs .. IBW is a full-service broadband provider in Central America, delivering fiber, cable and WiMAX 4G wireless services to residential and business customers in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua .. IBW has deployed UltraBand systems at each of its four operating companies’ networks".

See also "PeerApp: “Caching is the future of Optimization" - here and "F&S: Transparent caching market to Reach $708M by 2015; PeerApp Leads" - here.

See "PeerApp Transparent Caching Helps IBW Accelerate Internet Content Delivery for Central America" - here.

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