Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sandvine: Streaming Video is 70% (Netflix 37%) of NA Fixed Traffic; BitTorrent is 4.4%

A new study by Sandvine focusing on Africa, the Middle East, and North America (based on data from a selection of Sandvine’s customers), finds that:

  • "Real-Time Entertainment (streaming video and audio) traffic now accounts for over 70% of North American downstream traffic in the peak evening hours on fixed access networks. Five years ago it accounted for less than 35%
  • Netflix (37.1%), YouTube (17.9%), and Amazon Video (3.1%), the top three sources of video traffic on fixed access networks in North America, all saw an increase in traffic share over the levels observed earlier in the year
  • With the growth of video, BitTorrent share continues to see a decline in fixed access bandwidth share, and now accounts for only 5% of total traffic in North America. Last year during the same period it accounted for over 7%". 

See "Sandvine: Over 70% Of North American Traffic Is Now Streaming Video And Audio" - here.

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