Saturday, December 19, 2015

Xura Launches a Signaling Security Solution

Xura (Comverse/Acision) announced the ".. availability of its Signaling Fraud Management System, built to protect mobile operators’ signaling networks from sophisticated exploits and security threats .. With a tightly integrated firewall and analytical module, Xura’s Signaling Fraud Management System provides mobile operators with advanced, real-time detection of malicious traffic alongside smart prevention mechanisms.
  • Xura Signaling Fraud Management features an easy to control graphical user management interface that provides real-time views of detected security threats, blocked or suspicious activity, top attack targets and raises alarms in real-time for detected risks.
  • In addition, the system has a world-class analytics engine that provides high performance data collection and real-time streaming analysis of incoming traffic. This advanced detection means operators can filter malicious messages and report on detected, blocked traffic.
  • The solution also helps discover new fraudulent patterns, including attack source, types of attacks and attack targets. A flexible query module enables security teams to explore details of the captured traffic, to simplify and automate investigation efforts for the detected outbreaks. Lastly, native virtualization of the solution supports operators with hardware independence and plays a part in any ongoing NFV strategy. 

See "Xura announces availability of its Signaling Fraud Management System - detecting and preventing fraud on mobile operator’s core networks" - here.